Update on My Favorite

Hello!  This is a little update on what I have been learning in the past couple of weeks!  I also mentioned some of my favorite techniques and tips!  Enjoy!


An Ad Makeover


I decided to challenge myself by trying to recreate an ad similar to current ad.  I chose to recreate a Macy’s ad for their evening collection.  In addition to creating a new ad, I create a slide presentation in Adobe Indesign as if it were a work presentation designed to present the ad.  The presentation is an analysis of the two ads.


Overall, I wanted the presentation and ad to scream Macy’s.  I tried incorporate shapes and colors that I thought fit nicely in Macy’s company.  For the ad itself, my message was the classiest men wear suits and they look strong and powerful.  Simple and straightforward.  The white background helps the image look more powerful and helps the image to stand out.  The text is also bold and strong throughout it.  Strong and simple, but classic.

Target Audience

My target audience for the presentation design was Macy’s.  I choose colors that reflect their company and created a sense of familiarity.  My target audience for the ad was 30-year old men who wear formal attire on a regular basis.

Design Principles


Throughout the presentation, you will notice that I used a lot of triangles, some of the white and some of them red.  I wanted them to reflect the star in Macy’s logo, which is sharp and crisp.  The theme of my presentation was bold, simple and classy, I thought a triangle was simple, bold and classy.



One of the hardest parts of this project was trying to recreate Macy’s text in certain parts of the presentation (on the first and last slide that is their text logo and I would like to give them credit.  The text was obtained legally).  I decided to challenge myself a little more and try to recreate the text on my new ad to try and match Macy’s text (the star is their logo and was obtain legally).  It was pretty tricky, but I discovered that spacing when designing text was huge.  A font looks so different depending on how you space it.  The font in the ad and in their logo is a Serif font, so I used a San Serif font throughout the presentation to add contrast.  The contrast to the add makes both stronger in the end.


For my color scheme, I just used shades from the original ad.  By using the ad colors as my color scheme for the presentation, I thought make my presentation like conclusive.  It would also help to promote the logo and Macy’s colors since the ad and presentation is supposed to focus and promote Macy’s.  I knew my new ad may not have the exact color scheme, but I thought a photo with navy that would also go well with gray and red.  The red was meant to ad contrast the dark and white colors, drawing your eye to the logo.


I tried to use repetition in everything.  As you look at the original ad, new ad and the slide presentation, you will notice the colors are repeated.  I hope by repeating the colors, it would promote Macy’s theme.  Triangles were also repeated to add a professional look and to remind the viewer of the star.  Bold, strong, simple and classy.



Overall, it was a fun challenging to recreate the Macy’s ad.  I focused on colors, shapes, repetition and text to replicate that ad and design the presentation.  I tried to make every element reflect Macy’s image and design.  Each elements adds flavor to the presentation and helps the main focal point of the image stand out throughout the ad.