Fueling passion through design

Our lives revolve around energy. The alarm clock ringing in the morning, the radio blasting music and the hot chocolate maker brewing in the morning. Batteries are tiny electrochemical cells that create chemical energy through a redox reaction. Batteries vary in size, but inside each battery is the same fueling source. The size may vary, but the power will not. Without energy, we are helpless left to wind to do as it pleases. It is momentum that drives us, so which force will you choose to fuel your passion?


Over the past few weeks, I have focused on building my creativity. Part of becoming a new creative person was to create something that was a little little outside the box.  For this project, I had a generator produce a random object with a random target that would have to be included in my final design. My subject become batteries for couples in their early sixties. Ready. Set. Begin.

Target Group

I wanted to choose something that was creative and eye-catching. Everyone needs batteries and they can become average quickly. I wanted to put the batteries into a photo that would make them seem cool and vintage. Transforming the normal vision of a battery was crucial to make the advertisement a success. . I didn’t want the battery to be overbearing, just like how a battery is in real life. It is subtle, but so much power comes from it and relied on daily.


I tried to make the ad appeal to men by using trains and appeal to women through the coloring. The vintage tint also hopefully reflects their age. My color is scheme is basically just greens, grays and browns pulled directly from the photo. I have often found that if your color scheme is pulled directly from the picture, the more cohesive the advertisement becomes. I tried to blend the orange of the battery with the brown and blacks of the trains. Almost every color in the advertisement is light and faded.  I wanted all the added portions of the photo to match the train so it didn’t seem so alarming or fake.


The text was meant to also reflect vintage and be an addition Duracell’s logo. I tried to maintain the bold text from the Duracell and train logos throughout the advertisement. Adding repeating text throughout the advertisement hopefully added consistency and helped the advertisement to come together as one. It needed to contrast, but the contrast needed to add to the design and texture of the piece.


Creative thinking is challenging, but rewarding. Through design principles we can enlarge our mere creative visions into reality, unleashing the artist and child in each one of us. Creativity is bundled inside of each of us, each moment is another chance to create something breathtaking.


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