Seasons Through Design-Icon Set


I wanted to communicate that seasons are similar but do change through an icon set.  I wanted young children to see that even though the weather changes, there are still similarities.  I also wanted them to see the patterns of growth throughout the seasons.  I tried to use bright colors that would attract children and help them see the beauty of each season.  It would be easy to make winter seem dark or to make summer have slightly wilted green instead of vibrant green.

Design Principles

My target audience is young elementary school students learning through flashcards their seasons throughout the school year.  

I used a tri theme, each season representing a different portion of the color wheel. I choose to combine spring and summer but I still used different shades of green to make them separate.  Some still have their own color scheme in adjacent color wheel theme, but the generally tone is the primary and secondary colors throughout the piece.  I wanted each season to be viewed as good and so I wanted the colors to all represents happiness, hence why there is lots of bright colors.

I also used similar shapes to add repetition throughout each design and to show that they all correlate in the icon set.  The tree shape is the same, the leaves are the same and the border is the same around each design.  When doing an icon set, you should try to have at least three elements that maintain consistent throughout each design.

I tried to make the design playful, like something you would find in a children’s coloring book.  The lines on the border are thick to help the image feel like a flashcard and represent crayons.  Designs are simple, but communicate effectively!


Icon designs are simple, but still communicate a theme throughout colors and design.  It is important that your design should be heavily influenced by your audience.  Icon sets are repetitive, but each icon has its own story.






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