Designing for Boys


I have never designed piece of art that specifically targeted for boys and wanted to accept a challenge.  For this article my target audience was for boys between the ages of 12-13 just coming into young men’s and starting to read more about the temple.  I wanted to create a design that was inviting, but still powerful.  I hope that as we go through this blog, you will notice that every element was done to encourage the focus to be on the temple.

My photo

Design Elements:

To begin, I tried to use strong shapes that would communicate power the temple represents.  I wanted it to be simple and clean, but still creative.  I wanted something different and fun for a young boys’ attentions span but not too over the top to district from the Spirit.  I choose strong triangle shapes to communicate power and strength.  The arrows honestly reminded me of scouting and I wanted to add some creative without making it too girly and I thought the clean shapes were a good fit.  Hopefully the strong shapes would keep the viewers attention, keeping their eyes bouncing from element to element.

I pulled my color scheme directly from the pictures and then lighted the font color a little.  It was actually the photo color that inspired me to make me to make my target group boys because the photo was just so beautiful and clean.  I wanted the theme and the attention of the color scheme to pull you back to the image of the temple. I thought the colors were so clean and worked so well together in the picture, it would make sense I would just use them.  I played around with other girly color schemes, but nothing looked good because the they clashed with the colors in the photo.

My Photo

I tried to use very clean text that was easy to read.  I wanted it to be fun and bold, but didn’t distracting from the temple photo.  The text on the front cover goes around the temple to showcase the point of the cover, the temple.  I used a serif and sans serif font for contrast.  The title and the headings are the same to add repetition and clarity to the page.  I also made the heading title a different color font to break up the text and to make the page look more organized.



I hope that by reading this post, you can tell what design elements were implemented to highlight the importance of the temple.  I wanted the design to be targeted towards young men and be fun, but still sacred.  The text, shapes and colors hopefully push your attention towards the temple and its sacred message.


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