Hand Crafted Photos


A photo is never quickly shot without a plan. In fact, there are a lot of elements and planning to create an effective photo. One one is to use the rule of thirds, and yes, there is some math in photography. Another is depth of field the enhances elements of a photo. Lastly, leading lines that focus the photo. All elements are tools that draw the focus to the important elements of a photo.

Rule of Thirds

My photo

The rule of thirds is proportionally placing the subject of the photo in one of the main intersections of the grid. In this photo, we notices the the ballet shoes hit directly one of the intersections. Our eye is immediately brought to the ballet shoe because it lies on a the interest, which is pleasing to the eye. The rest of the photo also rest on the intersection lines and keeps the focus of the viewer.


Photo by Heie

Similarly to the photo above, we see the lighthouse rests on one of the main intersections of the photo. The lighthouse is the main emphasis in this photo, and because of the intersects, it attracts our eye. Perhaps there could have been a little bit more balance in the photo, but it is a very nice simple version of the rule of thirds. We may also notice the rocks reach their max potential at the intersect, focusing the photo again.

Depth of Field


My Photo

Depth of field is when part of the photo is blurred and the other part is focused. Blurring part of the photo guides the eye to the focus point of the pictures. It forces the viewer to notice what the artist had intended. It makes the focused element pop from the photo and highlights the contrast between the two different elements, which makes the photo even stronger.

In this photo, we notice an even bigger depth of field. We can clearly tell what the photographer wants us to see in the photo. Also notice that the colors are more distinct in the focused portion of the photo. The dullness surrounding the highlighted portion of the photo actually adds importance and support to the focused portion. Since nothing else is distracting from the focus of the photo, it makes an even bigger impact.

Leading Lines

My photo

Leading lines are lines the directly force the eye of the viewer to the main focus of the picture. Notices how all the lines work together and meet at one point on the image. Leading lines often point towards the back of the image and add some depth to the screen. The lines are often at an angle to create the depth.

This photo has leading lines that create a strong sense of depth. We all know that most bridges lines do not curve in, but the picture appears to have a curving bridge. The reason the depth or curve is created because of the leading lines’ impact on the picture and the angle the photo was taken. Leading lines also create a focal point for the picture, which helps your eyes go exactly to main focus of the photo.


Overall, we see how different elements contribute to the attention of the photo. Rule of thirds, depth of field, and leading lines direct the eye of the viewer to the focal point of the picture. The tools mentioned above help the artist to place direct empathizes as needed throughout the photo. The tools capture and direct the focus of the picture.


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