The Art of Type


In the 1940’s, Coco-Cola had already begun their legendary icon and descriptive text.  Their typeface was not only intrigue to the perspective buyer’s attention, but would also later become a highly successful logo and trade-mark around the world.  It is obvious that through their eye-catching ads, they explore the true possibilities of using type to enrich an advertisement.

Decorative Text

Coca-Cola is famous for its decorative text or logo.  It is striking to the eye, but still is readable.  It is smooth and classy, and accurately represents the era it was created.   The text is bold and would have been something different, helping the ad to stand out from other competitors of its time and still has the same effect today.


Once again, we notice another spot in the photo where Coca-Cola’s famous descriptive text can be found.  Placing the text on the Jack Frost’s hat encourages the audience to see the text as brand and not just word .  Exposing the audience multiple times to the eye-catching font makes it more memorable and familiar.  Also notice that the text is in red and bounces off the other red box at the bottom of the screen.


The descriptive portion of the text is obviously a lot take it, and the contrast of the other texts in the advertisement adds a nice variety. The bold and stocky structure of the contrasting text pairs nicely with the flows and curves of the decorative text. Allowing for two contrasting text actually allows both elements to become strong because they are working  together vs. just a weaker stand alone element.  We also notice a difference in text color, which also adds depth and helps certain words to stick out, and keeps a strong theme throughout the advertisement as colors are repeated. Although the non-decorative texts are slightly different, they both still fit in the San Serif text family.

San Serif Text

A San Serif text eliminates the extra flag that hangs over the ends of the letters.  It is straightforward and bold.  It is easy to read and works well with a decorative text.  It is also an good text choice to carry the message of an advertisement as it is never leaves the viewer wondering what the text says.  It is clean and gets the job done.


The fonts in the advertisement range from varies sizes.   The most important pieces of information are in the biggest fonts. The trade-mark text is interesting because it is small, but yet balance the size of the decorative text without being overbearing or distracting.  It isn’t the most important element of the text, but is still there for those who want to read it without getting in the way of the message of the ad.


Overall, we see how different elements of text work together to communicate the message of the text.  The different styles of text each play a different role throughout the advertisement, it might catching the viewer’s eye or carry the message of the ad.  The contrast throughout the advertisement helps to make each portion stronger and more deliberate.


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