Breaking It Down


Breaking down advertisements through different design elements allows us to see past the original photo and to truly understand the meaning of the work.  The purpose of this post is to use contrast, proximity, color, repetition, and alignment to highlight the different elements of the photo.  The message or design of the photo will be become much more noticeable as the elements unfold.


In this photo, there is a very nice contrast between the purple flower, the white background, and the black screen of the cellphone. The purple flower is shocking compared to the glossy, black screen of the cellphone and almost pops from the screen as a 3-D effect as it shoots your attention to the text.  The contrast is so sharp between each element that it grabs the viewer’s attention and locks the focus.   Each contrast is clean, different, and crisp.


The most critical element of proximity in the photo is the space between the text and the image.   They are close together to show connection but still remain two very different, powerful elements.  The space isn’t too close so that it appears cram, but stays within range so the message is easy to see.  The spacing allows the image and text to work together to create the message of the piece.


At a first glance, we see three colors.  However, looking closer at the color of the flower, we see multiple shades of purple.  The color gets brighter as the layers of the flower increase.  The tension from the color getting lighter pushes our focus up towards the words.  The color is also bright and is the first thing our eyes are drawn to, but is only a tool to move our eyes towards the real purpose of the advertisement, the text.




The alignment throughout the photo is somewhat basic, but still has an effect. The flower is perfectly centered on the screen, but the words match perfectly above the flower.  The center of the flower goes clearly through the center of the words, keeping the the flow of the piece connected between the two elements.  Your eyes shift between the flower and the words, continually bouncing between the two pieces of the message.  The point of the alignment of the flower is to push your eyes towards the words located directly above.


The main repetition in this piece is the consistency of the text’s font.  It allows for the words to remain the focus without a large amount of distraction from bring in another element of text.  The color of the font also matches the color of the phone, and provides an element of classic or timeless. There are several different colors of phones or text that could have been used but keeping them the same eliminates adds unison to the work.



The elements of repetition, contrast, color, proximity, and alignment push the viewer’s focus towards the meaning of the piece , to buy an apple fun.  The elements work together to add layering to the pieces as well as depth instead of just saying everyone should buy an Apple phone.  The colors excite us while the black gloss soothes us.  The contrast catches our attention and moves our focus towards the repetition of the font’s text.  Each elements’ goal is to highlight the message.


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